Understanding The Latest Passenger Assistance App Update

We have updated the Passenger Assistance app to include additional features that focus on timely communication to keep you informed about your journeys. Here is an overview of the latest changes. 

  1. Enhanced Booking Cancellation Notifications
  • You will now receive an in-app and push notification if your bookings are cancelled. 
  • Emails notifying you of cancelled bookings will now display which train company made the cancellation. 
  • Our cancellation email also includes text phone and typetalk details for enhanced accessibility.  
  1. Incomplete Booking Status
  • A new ‘Incomplete’ status will now be displayed at each stage of your journey in the app if assistance cannot be provided.
  • You will receive both in-app and push notifications, along with information about the train company that marked your booking as incomplete.

Reasons for Incompletion

When your booking is marked as ‘incomplete,’ it indicates the train company has identified a specific reason for this status. These reasons are reported to the Office of Rail and Road. While this ensures organisational accountability, the information doesn’t reach the very people it impacts the most – you, the passengers. 

We recognise it is essential for passengers to understand the reasons behind such markings. Here are some common reasons your booking might be marked as incomplete:

  • Passenger did not show up 
  • Train was full 
  • Service disruption 
  • Last-minute changes 
  • No appropriate equipment 
  • Staff unavailability 
  • Other (with a space for staff to provide additional details)

Understanding the status of your booking that knowing – whether it’s marked as ‘incomplete’ or ‘cancelled’ – is crucial for planning your onward journey, make informed decisions, and to voice any concerns you might have to the train companies. However, please note that Transreport does not confirm, amend or cancel assistance requests. For further information on an ‘incomplete’ status, please contact the train company responsible for your journey. 

The Bigger Picture and the Way Forward

These updates are not just about immediate notifications; they are about setting the stage for future improvements. By making this information available, we hope to encourage a dialogue between passengers and train companies. An informed passenger is an empowered one, and we believe this transparency will pave the way for even better services in the future.