3 images of a female and a male using the Passenger assistance app. The first image is a high angle shot of the passenger on his phone. The second image is of a female sitting on her bed using the app on her ipad. The third image is on a male on the train platform waiting for his assistance.

What is Passenger Assistance?

We’ve created an app and website that takes the time and fuss out of requesting assistance when you want to travel.

In just a few clicks you can request to book assistance, so every rail journey you take is as stress-free as possible. Our trusted technology means you can let station staff know your exact accessibility needs. Independence and flexibility has never been easier.

How it works

  1. Download the Passenger Assistance app or book online

    Simply download the app onto your smartphone or visit our booking website to begin your fuss-free travel experience. Our app and website have been designed in consultation with disabled people and is suitable for screen-readers. The app is available on iOS and android smartphones.

  2. Setup your profile

    Whether you’re a wheelchair user, have an assistance dog or live with a non-visible impairment, simply fill in your profile on the app and provide as much information as you’d like – you are in control of your profile. Whatever your accessibility needs, there’s a space for it all to be listed here.

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  1. Tell us about your journey

    Let us know where you’ll be travelling to and from, on what day and at which time, so station staff have all the details they need to make your journey run smoothly

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  2. Assistance sorted

    Send your request and this will be sent directly to the train operator, who will arrange assistance for you. We will tell you when your booking is confirmed. Then, all you have to do is book your ticket and you’re on your way.

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Screenshot of the Passenger Assistance app showing the New Journey tab. The welcome message at the top of the screen reads ‘Hello Helen! Where would you like to go?' Below this are ‘from and ‘to' boxes filled in with London King's Cross and Nottingham. One way has been selected and there are options to add number of and connection times as well as a 'Find Trains' button.
Screenshot of the Passenger Assistance app giving you a choice of access considerations including, wheelchair user (manual), wheelchair user (powered), other mobility aid user, other mobility impairment, scooter user. Sensory impairments including visual impairment, speech impairment, hard of hearing/death, assistance dog.

Latest news & blogs

Image of Sarah Rennie, a white woman with short blonde hair sitting in her powerchair smiling towards the camera
Image of Shani Dhanda, a South Asian woman sitting on a sofa and smiling

What our customers say

“The Transreport team are genuinely passionate about using technology to give disabled transport users better experiences. Disabled passengers have been meaningfully involved at every stage of the app’s development. The team listen, ask insightful questions and use their expertise to give the transport sector the tools they need to deliver quality customer service to us.”
Sarah Rennie
Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist and Trainer
“Passenger Assistance is revolutionary in the way it has enabled disabled passengers to travel with more confidence, spontaneity and independence. This technology helps the transport sector to provide support tailored to disabled people’s individual needs, in a dignified and efficient way, meaning we can focus on enjoying our journey.”
Shani Dhanda
Disability Specialist, Speaker and Activist