Frequently Asked Questions

About the app

— What does the Passenger Assistance app do?

We’ve created an app that takes the time and fuss out of requesting assistance when you want to travel. By using the app you can create a profile where you can outline your accessibility needs and easily make a request to book assistance through our trusted technology.

— Do the people who created the app deliver the assistance?

No. We are Transreport and we have designed this app to allow disabled passengers to explain their needs to transport companies in a simple and trusted way. The transport companies are still responsible for assisting disabled passengers.

— Have disabled people been involved in developing the app and booking website?

Yes. We have consulted and collaborated with disabled people, with a range of impairments and access needs, from the very start. Disabled people have helped us develop and test the features within the app. We also have an Accessibility Panel that advises us.

— Do I have to use the app to book assistance?

No, you can still phone the train company, use their website form if you prefer or visit our booking website. This app just gives you another quick option.

— Why are disabled people still having to book assistance?

For people who want to book assistance, our app and booking website give you a quick, new way to do that. There is still the option to turn up and go, without booking assistance. It is our hope that one-day disabled passengers can take journeys with less preparation time and more spontaneity, and we hope that our app is a step towards this.

— What if I don’t have a smartphone?

We have created a web version of the app where you can ask for assistance using your computer or laptop. You can still call the train company to book assistance or ‘turn up and go’ on the day.

— Can I book assistance for other types of travel?

Not just yet! At the moment, you can only book assistance for train journeys in Great Britain, but this is something we are working very hard!

About the booking website

— What is the point of the booking website?

The web app was developed based on accessibility feedback we got from our phone app. We now have a web version of the app available where you can ask for assistance using your computer or laptop, meaning those without mobile phones can now pre-book their assistance online and for free. The web app is more flexible and makes our system broadly available to more people.

— What is the difference between the Passenger Assistance app and the booking website?

Being considerably new, there are some things on our phone app that you can’t do on the new web booking platform. For example, users cannot manage/cancel their previous bookings, rate their journeys and so forth. 

— What does the web version of the app allow me to do?

The web app allows users to create their own profiles and make any assistance bookings for their upcoming journeys. 

— Do I have to use the web app to book assistance?

No, you can still phone the train company, use turn-up and go services, use their website form or book using our phone app. This web app just gives you another quick option.

— If I have made a profile on your app, can I log onto your website and vice versa?

Yes, you can. Your log-in for the mobile app will also mean you have a profile set up in the Passenger Assistant web application. Use the same credentials to access both.

— Is the web app screen reader compatible?

Yes, the web app was created to be fully screen reader compatible.

Getting started

— How do I download the Passenger Assistance app?

To download the Passenger Assistance app you must have a smartphone. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Simply go to the App store or Google Play store and download the app to your device. Ensure your smartphone is using iOS 12 or later or Android 9 or later.

— How do I set up my profile?

When you download the app you will be prompted to set up your profile. Simply add your email, name, picture (optional) and contact number. There is also a place to update your accessibility needs, whether you have a mobility, sensory or non-visible impairment. There is also a section for you to type out any other accessibility needs.

— Do I have to upload a photo of myself?

Adding a photo to your profile is your choice, but it can make it easier for station staff to recognise you at the station.

— How do I update my profile?

You can update your profile at any time by clicking the ‘edit profile’ button. You will then be directed to a screen which will let you update your accessibility needs.

— What do I do if my requirements are not listed?

There is a section in your profile where you can type out any other impairments and when you make your request to book assistance there is a section for ‘other info’ where you can add more details about your accessibility needs.

Requesting Assistance

— How do I request to book assistance on the Passenger Assistance app?

When you open up the Passenger Assistance app you will be on the ‘New Journeys’ page. This is where you find and select your train journey. After this, you can explain the assistance you need.

 — I have sent my assistance request. What happens next?

We send you an email to say we have got your request. We send your request to the train company who will check everything is OK with it. For example, is the station accessible for your needs? If it is, they will book your assistance and make arrangements with their staff. You will get an email and app notification to tell you that your assistance is booked and the journey will be marked as ‘confirmed’ in the app.

— How long does it take for my booking to be confirmed?

This can vary between different train operators but please check this site for more information.

— How will I know when my assistance is booked?

You will be sent a confirmation email, app notification and your journey will be marked as ‘confirmed’ in the app. Please remember your assistance is not guaranteed until you have had your confirmation email or message in the app.

— Do I still need to call to confirm my booking?

Once your booking is confirmed there is no need to call.

— What happens if the wheelchair space has already been booked for the journey I want to take?

If for any reason assistance can’t be provided, including if a wheelchair space has already been booked, the train company will contact you to discuss your options. The assistance will not be booked until another option is found.

— Can I book my tickets on the app?

Not just yet, but this is something we’re working on to ensure that making journeys is as fuss-free as possible.

— Is it free to book Passenger Assistance?

Yes! Whether you are booking via the app or through the web version, there are no additional costs to pay when booking passenger assistance. Just don’t forget to book and pay for your train ticket separately.  

— On the web app, how will I know once my assistance is booked?

Once you’ve completed all the steps to your booking you can click ‘confirm booking’ and that’s all done! You should then receive an email with your confirmation. Any changes that you want to make must be done through our app for the time being.

— How do I request assistance on the web app?

Booking assistance on the web app is pretty simple and exactly the same as booking through our app. Just find and select your correct train journey, and then you can pick all the assistance you require, there is an ‘other info’ tab allowing you to go into more detail. Once that’s done you will be asked to confirm your request details and that’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation email and be good to go.

Changing my assistance

— What if I no longer require assistance on my journey?

You can easily cancel a request or booking on the ‘My Journeys’ tab within your app.

— What if the details of my journey change?

You can change your journey details on the “My Journeys” page within your app. You will get a new email to say you have changed your request. The train company will check it again and if everything is OK you will get an email to tell you that your new journey has been booked and your new journey in the app will say “confirmed”.

— What if I no longer require assistance for my journey/the details of my journey have changed?

For any changes or amendments you want to make to your booking made through the web app, you must download the app and do so. You can use your same credentials to log in and your booking should be there.

During my journey

— What do I do once I get to the train station?

On arrival at the station, you should make yourself known to rail staff at the meeting point written in your booking or use a Help Point to speak to someone. If you need it, there is a reference number for your assistance in your email.

— What happens if my request is confirmed but no one is at the station to provide assistance?

Our trusted technology ensures the train company gets your request directly and checks it in advance. However, if there is a problem on the day you should speak to rail staff, use a Help Point or call their Customer Relations team. You will be able to find their contact details in the email we sent you which confirmed your journey.

— What happens if my battery runs out or I lose internet connection on my phone?

You can always download your booking email to your phone or take a screenshot before your journey in case there is no internet connection. You can also print out or write down your booking reference if you are worried about your phone running out of battery.

Accessibility of the app

— Is the app screen reader compatible?

Yes, the app has been built to be fully compatible with screen readers. However, if you are having any problems with the app and your screen reader please get in touch with us through this form.

— What other accessibility features are on the app?

You can change the colour theme to one of four options within the app to suit your needs.

Your data and personal information

— Where is all the data I input into the app stored?

You can read our privacy policy here.

Getting help

— I have more questions, where can I contact you?

You can reach out to us using our contact form. If you have any questions directly relating to accessibility and train travel you can find more information here.

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