Meet our Accessibility Panel

Throughout the creation of the Passenger Assistance app we have collaborated with disabled passengers at every stage. Our accessibility panel, which is made up of people with a diverse range of accessibility needs, have been instrumental in shaping the way the app works today. That’s why we wanted to take a few moments to introduce a few of them, so you can get to know these awesome people a little better.

Image of Sarah Rennie, a white woman with short blonde hair sitting in her powerchair smiling towards the camera

Sarah Rennie, Chair

Sarah chairs our Accessibility Panel. She is an Accessibility Specialist, with a particular focus on transport. Sarah doesn’t drive so she relies on rail to travel all over the country for work and fun! She has been passionate about supporting the development of the Passenger Assist app since she got involved in testing the product in 2018. Sarah’s focus, personally and professionally, is to support projects which enhance disabled passengers’ customer experience.

Chloe Tear

Chloe Tear is an award-winning disability blogger, freelancer and public speaker. Chloe is particularly interested in public attitudes towards disability. She also works part-time for Scope as a content designer. In this role, she writes information and advice that supports disabled people and their families to live the life they choose. Most weekends you can find Chloe on a train, travelling to see friends and family.

Image of Tanvi Vyas, a South Asian woman with long black hair smiling to the camera

Tanvi Vyas

Tanvi Vyas is a freelance Disability Equality Consultant and Trainer with a particular interest in improving access to transport, leisure and the built environment. Tanvi raises the profile of challenges faced by disabled people, sharing her lived experience. She is keen to embed accessibility, diversity and inclusion and in policy and practice and is a Trustee for Muscular Dystrophy UK.

Image of Alan Benson, a white man with grey hair and beard using a power chair

Alan Benson

Alan is a disability campaigner and activist with a particular interest in transport. He is a member of London TravelWatch, is Chair of Transport for All, a Trustee of Richmond RUILS and a Citizen Advocate supporting Disabled and Older People. He is a regular tweeter and blogs about his journeys when time allows. Before turning to campaigning Alan was an I.T. Manager at various colleges and universities across the country for over 20 years. He holds two degrees in Economics and live in West London.

Image of Dr Amy Kavanagh, a white blonde woman wearing black glasses and smiling to the camera

Dr Amy Kavanagh

Dr Amy Kavanagh is an award winning disability rights activist and campaigner. Amy advocates for a more accessible world through consultancy, writing, policy influencing, media and public speaking. She is committed to celebrating disability, mobility aids and encouraging others to learn about the social model of disability.

Image of Sarah Ward, a white woman with red hair wearing black glasses smiling to the camera

Sarah Ward

Sarah is a former occupational therapist, with a passion for innovation, and a love of travel. As a wheelchair user, she’s keen to see improved accessibility across the public transport network. In her spare time she can often be found exploring the UK by rail. She plays the piano and other instruments, enjoys photography, and describes herself as something of a bookworm.

Image of Dr Amit Patel, a South Asian man with black hair and beard wearing sunglasses and smiling widely to the camera

Dr Amit Patel

Dr Amit Patel is a best-selling author, campaigner, motivational speaker and independent DEI consultant. Qualified as a doctor, specialising in emergency medicine, Amit lost his sight in 2013 and is now registered severely sight impaired (blind). Since losing his sight, Amit is now an active campaigner for accessibility, speaking out against the issues that disabled people face daily. In his corporate life, he works with clients across the spectrum, from law firms and financial services to medicine and the arts, advising on diversity and inclusion.

Image of Eleanor Lisney, an Asian woman with black hair wearing black glasses and smiling to the camera

Eleanor Lisney

Eleanor Lisney FRSA MA MSIS is a founder member of Sisters of Frida and Culture Access. She was born and bred in Malaysia, and has lived in UK, France and the USA. She used to travel a good deal but lately travel has not been an option. Her favourite mode of travel is be train and have done that in various countries including in China, Norway, Italy. She writes on intersectional issues as a disabled woman of colour and is passionate on campaigning for social justice and inclusion.

Our Accessibility Panel supports our work to design products which make mobility easier for passengers with access needs. The Panel provide us with internal advice and practical recommendations on everything from product design to inclusive communication. They are paid for their time to attend meetings. Members are not employed by Transreport or ’sign off’ our products to ensure the group’s independence. Our Accessibility Panel has a wide variety of professional expertise and lived experience of disability.