Real-life journeys using the Passenger Assistance app

Ever since the Passenger Assistance app was released, we’ve loved seeing all of the real-life journeys that have been taken using the app and how it has helped many disabled people find comfort in both travelling alone and travelling by rail. From football matches to travelling to work, check out how you’ve been using the app!

Meet Alice Ella, also known as ‘@itsaliceella‘ on Instagram. Before the Passenger Assistance app, as a wheelchair user, Alice found it really difficult to travel alone making her feel like her sense of independence was taken away. She felt like she always had to have her boyfriend travel with her to carry her bags and push her wheelchair. However, the app has now changed the game for her as she can ensure beforehand that she’ll be met at the station and helped with her luggage, have her chair pushed and get her onto the train for a safe and stress-free journey.

Alice shows us how she uses the app

This is Georgina Awasdell, ‘@georginaawasdell‘, she recently went to visit her long-distance best friend all with the help of the Passenger Assistance app.

Georgina travelling to see her best friend

Here’s Clara Holmes, also known as ‘@rollinfunky‘ on Instagram, using the Passenger Assistance app to help her travel around by rail. Clara was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) a form of Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS) meaning she has been a full-time wheelchair user for about 14 years. The Passenger Assistance app has taken away some stress from her travels and given her more independence.

Clara is taking a selfie on a train wearing a blue dress, short black hair and is smiling into the camera
Clara taking a day trip

Meet Emma, ‘@Simplyemmablog‘ on Instagram. With the help of the Passenger Assistance app, Emma took her first train journey in two years! With just a few clicks, she entered all her requirements into the app meaning that once she arrived at the station, staff already knew what she needed. The app has allowed Emma to feel spontaneous as she doesn’t have to plan her journeys too far in advance. If you need some inspiration on where to take your next trip, check out our ‘Wheelchair-friendly walks in Derbyshire‘ blog post.

Emma is in her wheelchair on a train travelling. She is wearing a brown jacket, blue jeans and converses.
Emma taking a spontaneous trip

Here we have Charlie, also known as ‘@n_q_p_c‘ on Instagram, a young wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy. Charlie is a huge advocate of the Passenger Assistance app, sharing that he believes it makes getting the train for disabled people so much easier. He’s shared so many of his journeys to social media showing how much it helps him travel, whether its for work or pleasure.

Charlie, a ginger haired male, is on his  wheelchair on a train. He is wearing a black face mask, a black jacket and a green t-shirt.
Charlie is on his daily commute

We loved seeing Judith Smale, ‘@judith_wheel_travel‘, using the Passenger Assistance app to travel to Newcastle to watch a football game! Judith is a wheelchair user who enjoys getting out and about, so has used the app many times since its launch to request her assistance.

Judith using a ramp to board the train, shot from behind
Judith travelling to watch a football game in Nottingham

Amy, ‘@chronically_good_life‘, is another huge lover of our app as she is someone who regularly posts her journeys and specifies how the app allows her to commute more by train. She often uses the app for her journeys into college and days out with her friends.

Amy sitting in her wheelchair on the train platform. Text box next to her reads, 'How i get the train as a wheelchair user'
Amy commuting to her college in Birmingham

Positive feedback on Twitter

This is so handy I didn’t even know you could do this I’ve been scared to even being pushed and travelling M by train with the wheelchair as I’m terrified to get stuck somewhere that isn’t accessible. This is fab! Used this app for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s so so much better for me than phoning! I’ve been wanting to book online for years so this is perfect. Thank you! The app is really easy to set up an account and sue. I’m a technophobe as I struggle with technology all the time so if I find it simple it must be. @pssassistance app makes booking assistance for people with disabilities really nice and accessible and inclusive. It’s such a breath of fresh air to be able to increase my independence when travelling. The passassistance app has just confirmed my train assistance in 5 mins! So it took me 2 mins to book and 5 mins to approve! To compare that to ringin up. I’d have to book at least 24 hours before and could take 30 mins to get through. Freedom to travel spontaneously. Passenger assistance app👌🏼👍🏼 worth its weight in gold thatFantastic help. Would not be able to travel without aid. Would give 10 stars if I could. Great example of the industry listening ti and acting on disabled users ‘feedback’. Also a PSA that the booking period is going down from 6 hours to 2 hours in April 2022… also turn up and go (for journeys where you haven’t pre-booked assistance) is still a thing!currently in my 3rd train of the day. 5 years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be travelling solo ti see my daughter 3 hours away. My world just expanded passassistance has been brilliant.  I see many journeys in the future.

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