Cinema Accessibility This Valentine’s Day 

Finding accessible events or activities can be challenging, particularly if you have the added pressure of *romance*

So with it being Valentine’s Day, it got me thinking about potential date ideas. Just think of me as your very own Cupid… on wheels. 

One date idea that stood out the most to me was *the cinema*.  

Now you may not think this sounds very exciting at first, but let me explain… 

I love a trip to the cinema, as it can often lift your spirits and transport you to another world for a good few hours. It also allows you to make an effort with your partner and stop off for a meal on the way too. 

Romance can definitely be found over a shared bucket of popcorn. 

CEA Card 

A trip to the cinema is also a great option because you don’t have to talk that much… OK, all jokes aside, if it’s a new date you may still feel a little nervous or anxious, so watching a film together works as a good ice breaker, and gives you an easy topic to discuss after.. 

The cinema can also be more affordable than other activities such as the theatre, especially if you have a CEA Card – which gives you a complimentary ticket for a companion to go with you. 90% of cinemas in the UK are part of the CEA Card Scheme, and it only costs £6 a year. For more information on how to apply, check out their website by clicking the following link:


Larger cinema chains such as Vue or ODEON are known for their accessibility features, such as subtitled listings, audio descriptions and dementia / autism-friendly screenings – which reduce volume, lights and advertisements. 

If you’re living in the UK, an example of this would be the ODEON Birmingham New Street – which features 8 screens of movie magic and is just a 2-minute walk from New Street Station. You can check out their website by clicking the following link:

Many cinema screens across the UK also have designated wheelchair bays, as well as headsets/induction loops for those with hearing loss. I would recommend checking out the website ‘Accessible Screenings UK’ by clicking this link:, as it features a comprehensive database to match your access needs.

Many cinemas also have eating facilities nowadays, where you can order food and drinks directly to your seat – which is a fantastic feature!

Getting There 

More often than not, cinemas don’t tend to have parking on-site as they are usually positioned quite central to town. One option to get around this may be to travel by train. If you would prefer to request assistance ahead of your upcoming rail journey, I recommend the Passenger Assistance app or website (Link here:

In terms of recent films available to watch, I would personally recommend the new Wonka. Or if you fancy something a bit more musical, Mean Girls is also a classic! 

Based on my personal experiences, I hope you find this post helpful and that it may inspire you to take a trip to the cinema this weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And remember, if you can’t take a date, take a mate! 

About the Author 

Ross Lannon is a lifestyle and disability blogger from Cornwall. Often described as a “cheeky chappy”, he uses his website ( to document his journey as a young man with a physical disability – whilst also reviewing accessible events, activities and products. 

Ross is also a presenter for CHAOS Radio and a proud dog-dad to Ralph.